Loft conversion ideas

Loft conversions or attic conversions are one of the most popular cost effective ways for gaining more space than an idea of moving in to larger home or extend the house from ground level.Loft conversion is a standard home improvement project.

Many specialized companies work in these types of work.If you are going to use the loft as an extra bedroom or study room, you will need to install one or more roof lights/skylights and windows.

Planning permission for loft conversion:

  • For loft conversion, the planning permission is not necessary, but local building codes and regulations must be followed while planning.
  • Fire regulations for the attic space or loft must be met.
  • If your floor is more than two stories excluding attic space, then you have to open the fire door or fire protected closed door between loft and rest of the stories in your house.
  • If you open the dormer windows at the rear side of your house are exempt, but you open in the front side which ones facing public buildings, park, etc has to get approval for that.

How can I convert my loft?

How you are going to use this space? This question will raise for everyone before planning and designing your loft. There are several answers for this questions that depends on your need and space of your loft/attic. Some of them plan for extra storage space, extra bedroom, study room, spatial enhancement area or as a roof garden.

How will be the loft conversion cost?

Loft conversion cost of a house starts from £20,000 /$30,000 for a room.while converting your loft or attic space multiple factors affects the cost .It depends your,

  • Structure of the room.
  • Space of the room.
  • How many rooms are you adding for conversion.
  • What type of rooms are you adding for renovation.

Most of the people includes like,

  • Staircase to the loft.
  • Bathroom.
  • Skylights/roof light.
  • Flooring
  • Insulation for that space.
  • Electrical fittings and lighting.
  • Heat and cooling system (HVAC)
  • Fire safety measures.

Rising ceiling height cost

Sometimes people like to rise their ceiling height of the building or loft/attic while doing their loft /attic conversion.Before raising your structural height of the building you need to get a permission for planning.Hence,it will increase your loft conversion cost.For this average type of works, it cost around £60,000/$70,000.

Cost for adding bathroom

An average cost for adding a bathroom will cost around £8,000/$9,000 to £12,000/$13,000.Luxury bathroom cost varies from basics and depending upon the materials and laying cost too.It starts from $30,000.

For heating and cooling system (HVAC),you have to spend around $5,000 minimum cost.

How does loft conversion works?

Before starting this project ,you need to get advice from an architect, structural engineer or surveyor regarding structural issues.Heating and insulation,bathroom installing,shower fixing requires careful consideration while doing conversion of loft.

Main works while doing loft conversions consists of strengthening the joists and to install the roof lights.

Roof joists are not designed before for attic space in that building structure.Now for conversion we add some loads like floor weight,furniture and people load.So, additional joist required in these projects along with the existing joists.

Roof rafters are not so strong to bear the windows.So, before designing or fixing the windows you have to strengthening the roof rafters as like as roof joists for the requirements.Most of the people prefer Dormer windows. In that case,you have to provide additional support for the roof structure.

The main key consideration of loft conversion is head room height.Head height makes critical issues in most of the loft conversion. Other than that issue,due to devlopments in technology almost any type of attic can be converted in these days.