#How To Select Trending Wallpapers |Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpapers are used to decorate walls of commercial and residential buildings. Nowadays, Wallpapers are trendy again. Before you glue that wallpapers ,the walls must be clean, dry, structurally sound and free from stains too.

It usually sold in rolls . So, measure your walls to determine how many stripes are needed to complete the room or walls.

There are some factors considered before estimate the number of wallpapers.And such factors are pattern size, pattern match, wall height, roll length , etc.

The main patterns in wallpaper matches are,random,straight and drop. Random matches is the easiest and economical way of  hanging wallpapers.Rest of them are complex and leads some waste.

Some the wallpaper links for you …

Wallquest: You can find permanent printing or unalterable wallpapers.

Image:Osborne &little

Osborne & Little :Huge collection of fabulous wallpapers according to season and you can see geometric patterns and stripes too.

Image:Graham Brown

Graham brown wallpapers:Huge collections of wallpapers, wall murals,seasonal wallpapers, designers trendy specifics,Baroque Collection,etc

Image: GrahamBrown

Wallpaper direct : wonderful branded wallpapers like Albany,Art house,Cole&son,scion,Engbald& co..etc.

Cole & son: Fabulous collections of unique designs.

Mural wallpaper: lovely designs for kids room,living room,etc.

Image :Detroit wallpaper

Detroit wallpaper: you ca find large photographic murals in color or black and white, turning maps, collages of images, large abstract designs 

World of wallpaper:collections of geometric patterns,thematic wallpapers,murals.

Image:Brewster wall fashions

Brewster wall fashions: Collection of Nuwallpaper(peel and stick wallpapers),sophisticated living room wallpapers,trendy geometric patterns,wallpops,etc.

Amazon:Several brands of wallpaper collections with ratings.

Image: Amazon
Image: Kothari Enterprises,Rajasthan,India
Image: wall 26

#How to Hang your wallpapers:

  • Prepare your surface of the wall.
  • Coverup your electric sockets .
  • Hang your wallpaper according to your room measure.
  • Match all the patterns and remove your excess paste.
  • Relax and enjoy with your fabulous wallpaper designs.

Checkout the above links for fabulous wallpaper designs before designing your rooms.