20 dazzling Front door styles

Let’s we talk about some dazzling front doors.We know that either in the apartments or in the independent houses, the front door space and design creates a warm welcoming in their own way.

Different cultures made their entryway decor and door designs traditionally as Unique.

They maybe differ by painting their doors, various door handle designs ,locks, ornate works,adding sidelights,transoms,etc.

Contemporary entry doors are eclectic and that door designs are used worldwide.

Contemporary metal door design emphasizes that main entrance .Single door paneled with various sizes and patterns of glasses which makes energy efficient too.

As per the latest statistical report people spending more in home decoration and improvement projects.

We know that,Contemporary refers “current trends” – strong geometric features,eco friendly,sustainable,natural light, flexible and functional.It creates a unique look and feel.

In Greece, vibrant colors front doors always highlight their entrances.Painting makes their exterior insanely beautiful and connected with other exterior focal points such as windows frames,balcony,etc.

Asian front door looks simple and connected with it’s wall decor.The sunset hues around the dark brown single paneled door ,Buddha statue on the authentically designed red cabinet makes the entry cheerful.

Tuscan architecture(from Italy) is more popular in Texas areas and those Tuscan door style is popular by use of real wood and it’s so natural.Tuscan doors are typically arched molded doors, and have casements with brick or timber headers.

Vibrant bright red color arched front door of an architectural building makes the front elevation majestic.

Ivy plants in the front door makes the house eco friendly. English Ivy plant is native to Europe, western Asia, and North Africa. It has been introduced to many other parts of the world as an ornamental plant.

The plant had important symbolic meanings and was part of a rich mythology.It doesn’t make major structural damages.Nature inspired, Eco house makes the environment green.


Burano’s houses figured with bright colors that almost look same and these homes are repainted every two years.

These houses front elevation is unique by it’s energetic colors.Each house is painted a different color from its neighbors and they have to get local permission before they paint their houses.


Lock designs and wooden carving doors make the front door exquisite.

Traditional door lock,Kerala,India

The front door decorated by Manichithrathazhu locks, the name derived from the sound of the bell and these locks have creative artwork.

Manichithrathazu is famous for its unique style of traditional metal engraving artwork.These traditional decorative, protective locks are used in southern part of India,Kerala.

Chettinad house doors,Tamilnadu,India
Unique antique wooden front door,SouthIndia.

Traditional South Indian doors are most popular for their artistic work.The main entrance door notify the status of the people, who lives inside the house.

According to them first impression for their guests are main entry doors which have to be ornate.Crafted door frames and door panels are more creative and artistic.

Simpson door

Yellow painted French door is glazed for natural light and it looks magnificent.


Front door designed as side lighted paneled door covered with glasses and widely framed for air circulation.Entryway Looks graceful and stylish in appearance because of symmetrical pillars,wreaths,side wall fixtures,etc.

Red is an auspicious color in ancient Japan,Thailand and China used for the entrance door.Building codes in China stipulated that only high-ranking government officials could paint their doors red, according to them -red is associated with prosperity.

Contemporary design exterior main door and stucco wall design makes the entrance of the house simple and elegance.

Pivot doors are upgraded contemporary doors having conventional changes in its hinges.Elimination of hinges is differ from normal entry doors and they hung on a set of pins.