#Tips for choosing a right kitchen faucets| Selecting Best faucets for your #kitchen

Water preservation starts from every household, the best way to start is by choosing right kitchen faucets. Here are some basic steps to choose a right kitchen faucet.

There are so many different styles, designs and finishes of faucets on the market that overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your kitchen. 

You should have no trouble finding a design that fits your taste and needs. So don’t be in a rush to buy a stylish faucet for your home.

Take your own time for shopping and finding the exact type of faucet you want.

Decide your Faucet design

Faucet Design is very important while selecting a right faucet and it depends your home style.Transitional ,which is a combination of modern and traditional styles.

Contemporary is like modern and sleek in style.Traditional ,timeless style that goes with everything.

Select your material finish

Deciding the right faucet material finish is quite complex.Choosing your finish type could depend on your flexibility on cleaning.

There are several material finish faucets also out there in the market such as brass,bronze,brushed nickel,brushed chrome, copper silver,stainless,nickel,etc.

For smooth finish and shiny finish , polished nickel is the right choice .And also , it is highly durable too.

In general , chrome is most popular and less expensive faucet finish material .In the same way , it mostly matches with other fixtures easily .

Black matte generally give a electric ,contemporary look in that space.It is best suited for Industrial type kitchen style.

However, Bronze commonly used in traditional or Mediterranean style spaces. 

Moreover, stainless steel is an excellent choice for a material that’s easy to clean, therefore making it a popular choice.
On the other hand, solid brass, lasts durability and gives a premium feel.

Decide your faucet handles

While selecting your faucets you have to think about the number of handles you would like, for example one, two or three and the number of the faucet holes you want too.

For single handle, use can use only one hand to obtain the cold and hot water easily.With double handles, you’ll need both hands to adjust both handles in order to obtain the required water temperature .

Hence , decide your faucet handles both functional and stylish.

Select your faucet installation type

Depending upon the kitchen model and design, select your faucet installation style like wall mount,wide spread, single hole deck mount or center-rest.

Single hole design is chic and simple, base and handle complementing the curved spout, which swivels 360 degrees to reach all areas of your sink. 

Most bathroom and kitchen sink faucets are deck mounters,why because they are attached to the sink or countertop through drilled sink holes.Moreover, new replacement, need the same deck mounters. Switching different models of faucets is complicated for plumbing works.

If you are just buying a new faucet, then your options are limited to your existing sink’s configuration.Hence , try to choose a faucet and sink together to avoid problems.

Consider the spout of the faucet

Before selecting faucet consider about the spout of the faucet also. Mostly,Standard spout are 3-5 inches higher than the countertop and High arc spouts are 10 inches higher than your counter.

Choose your sprayer type

Then, choose your sprayer type, whether pullout, pull down or side sprayer. Pull down and deck mount kitchen faucets are popularly used by people.

The commercial-grade pullout faucet, paired with a deep sink basin, works well to the kitchen’s focus on function.It helps to clean large pans and pots.

The side spray ensures that every item in your sink should reach that the whole area and rinse.

Check your plumbing

When changing your older faucet to newer one, corrosion and rust are some of the practical difficulties you might come across .So, check the plumbing before you change your newer one.

Motion sensor faucets

Automatic shutoff mechanism or motion sensor faucets help to reduce the waste water greatly . However , children and elderly person houses it doesn’t help for their quick daily routines.

And also very helpful for children who may not be able to reach the faucet handle but can reach the spout.

Modern Faucet lifespan is about 15 yrs min. It depends water hardness, quality of water, maintenance , usage , etc.

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