#Top 10 Interior design #trend changes in 2021 | #Design ideas with Color of the Year 2021

During this pandemic, we want to spend most of our time inside our homes. Thus, the home became our place for recreation, exercise, learning, and even as an office. According to the national survey findings, the temporary changes in everyone’s lifestyles influences home design, home décor.

Professional designers and architects say that, the most important factors in house design trends changes in 2021 will be all about functionality and family entertainment. In addition to those changes, aesthetically pleasing homes are becoming more popular in interior spaces to support their productivity .

Ultimate Grey Sofa and bright white curtains and furniture create a formal and spacious look

Pantone announced the color of the year 2021 as enduring “Ultimate Grey and Energetic bright illuminating Yellow”.

Here, some interior design trend changes and ideas with color of the year 2021.

Slowly Fading Open Concepts

Open concepts have previously become the most inviting trend among people. But, in recent days people need more private spaces to engage with their video calls, routine works and activities.

According to Danielle Blundell, Director of Apartment Therapy , “People are adding room dividers, doors and figuring out some sort of solution for their necessity.”

People who already have open concepts in their interior spaces can’t make immediate changes. Hence, many designers are introducing room dividers as a temporary solution.

Cheerful Bold Interior Color Trend

Color can define the mood of a person. Yellow is the happiest color among all the colors for joy, imagination, sunshine, creativity, optimism, idealism and also it stimulates appetite.

Illuminating yellow is a bright and cheerful color that gives energy to that environment. Yellow is the most powerful color in the Sunshine, gold, Daffodils, lemon ,etc. The human eye processes yellow first then red .

The bright white walls and bold accent wall colors, small patterns to refreshing the mood in pandemic times. It brings bright colorful, excitement inside the house. We can add these colors to candles, fleece blankets, accent pillows, and more.

We need to encourage ourselves to avoid psychological effects during a pandemic by refreshing with bright cheerful colors into our interior spaces. Interior design 2021 will be bold and modern, perhaps even minimalistic, but the yellow offers a slightly tropical aesthetic to the mix as well.

By including accents walls, furniture, and add-ons lively colors like red, orange, yellow collectively to make the surroundings active.

Calming Neutral Colors

People have a common belief that grey and white is the best color choice for office room interiors. It is a neutral color that offers balance in that room.

We need to focus and concentrate in this room than other functional areas in your home. Grey colors shield us by turning down the visual distractions. Using the cheerful yellow color can energize you when you start getting sleepy at your laptop.

Founder of DecoatorsBest says that “Multipurpose rooms are a necessity to work remotely in 2021.Hence, dark rooms will less adaptable in 2021 than lighter shades”.

A calming shade of grey blends with energetic yellow with earth tones will give you a great outdoor feel.

Multi- Functional Furniture styles in 2021

Storage furniture and accent chairs are most popular in 2020 and 2021. People like to have lounge chairs for relaxing in pandemic times.

Mid-century design furniture with clean lines, tapered legs are good for small spaces. The classic, long-lasting, minimal ornamentation furniture design goes with everything.

 Mid-century modern furniture including a lot of other materials gives eclectic look to your home. In these furniture design , functionality is as important as form. 

Trending Interior Design styles – 2021

Most of them still like Farmhouse décor from Google trend and Modsy. What’s more, Modern décor is more popular in major cities as it emphasizes visual and functional simplicity .

Bright and bold modern living room, ecofriendly nature decor style ,Scandinavian interior design style are some everlasting interior design style concepts.

Thai Quang

Mid century modern interior style who loves pop up colors in their living room with a clean streamlined aesthetic. It usually floats in hues of orange, yellow, green, and brown with bright white interior spaces.

In 2021,several bold energetic various color combinations are there in selection process. The combo is totally up to you, your style and the effect you want to achieve.

In the dark and elegant living room , the yellow accents feel rebellious and full of attitude.You can add illuminating yellow in throws , pillows , flower vases, area rugs ,window curtains ,large painting ,etc.

For those who enjoy with bright cheerful bright yellow , yellow dinning chairs should be bright up your alley. The combination of bright illuminating yellow and grey or white brings your space cheerful.

DecoPicks Interior Idea Board

On the whole , nature accent with a tactile 2021 interior design trend will offer a refreshing cheerful mood to improve their productivity and enjoyment at home.