#How to reduce the humidity in your bathroom

Bathroom is a hygienic , cleanliness spot/place in any healthy residence. You can transform a small bathroom into a place of wellness and relaxation by your smart ideas. Too much of humidity because of hot shower leads to condensation which leads to grow mildew and mold in the ceiling and your bathroom walls. Due to this excess moisture , the walls will damage and your wall paint or wallpapers in your bathroom affects .Increasing the air circulation by using quality air appliances can be the first step for reducing and preventing from mold issues. Regular bathroom exhaust fans often fails … Continue reading #How to reduce the humidity in your bathroom

What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

   While entering a room, your eyes can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention which tend to focus in a particular point in that room. That ,focal point of attraction is an art called as “Emphasis”. In modern buildings architects and interiors used commonly to get a stunning effect for that place. In every home, we can decorate our room by this design principle.It can be a large picture,fire place, huge rugs, single wall colour with decorative paint, wall paneling ,huge single furniture,etc.In various ways, we can emphasis a room. Emphasis by contrast: In this way, we can brighten a wall by contrasting or … Continue reading What is Emphasis in Interior Design?