What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

   While entering a room, your eyes can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention which tend to focus in a particular point in that room. That ,focal point of attraction is an art called as “Emphasis”. In modern buildings architects and interiors used commonly to get a stunning effect for that place. In every home, we can decorate our room by this design principle.It can be a large picture,fire place, huge rugs, single wall colour with decorative paint, wall paneling ,huge single furniture,etc.In various ways, we can emphasis a room. Emphasis by contrast: In this way, we can brighten a wall by contrasting or … Continue reading What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

#15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

Wall coverings dramatically change the appearance of that room.Walls plays an important role in your home which gives privacy, acoustically sound and safety for thermal conditions. There are plenty of options you can choose for your wall coverings in the market.Most obvious two methods are wallpaper and … Continue reading #15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

#25 Tips for decorating your kids bedroom

Kids bedrooms have to be designed colorful, bright,airy, playful, and it seems to be large for them.Children between 8 to 12 are keen on having a place of their own.They need some space for both being alone and socializing with their friends in the same room at different times. Color plays an important role while designing your lovely kids room.Before choosing a color for their room do some research work on your children’s psychology,style and wish for keep them active everyday. Cool colors like blue make them feel bigger like our sky.Always kids love outdoor than indoors.Keep in that in … Continue reading #25 Tips for decorating your kids bedroom

15 Smart ideas for kitchen organization

Kitchen is the Heart of every home and those kitchens designs become perfect because of the proper movement space and functionality. Cutlery organizer Collect all your kitchen tools and sort tools by its shape and size.Remove any duplicates from your collections.Keep your items in kitchen drawer by priority.Measuring spoons ,whisks mostly jam your kitchen drawers ,you can hang them inside the cabinet backdoor by placing them in adhesive hooks. Oil pullouts Oil pullouts are mostly like vertical cabinet units which helps to keep essential oils for your cooking .You can use this pullouts to store cooking essentials like herbs,spices,etc. Kitchen … Continue reading 15 Smart ideas for kitchen organization