How to design a small kitchen:small kitchen ideas

Many people seeking for compactable ,economical and stylish kitchens.Before designing a small kitchen we have to take some considerations.The kitchens designs should be innovative for storage considerations and also functionality too.

Most of the times people take some decisions based on what others may think for the same.Unless one is clear about what he/she needs, he/she can’t be a good decision-maker and a choice -maker too.

In a similar way,what decision u take should benefit your needs and not other person’s needs.So, before designing your house take your own choice and taste according to your needs.

U will be happy for that.These are few tips for designing small kitchens as listed below,

Make a list:

Make a list for your essential items according to your needs.Keep your Juicer,bread toaster,rice cooker ,coffee maker,blender in the storage area.

If you keep all the kitchen essentials in the countertop it will take more space.Don’t dump too much of accessories in ur kitchen.

Space planning:

Space planning is very important in every design.While planning your kitchen space,you have to consider the amount of crockery regularly you used for your preparation of food,serving etc.

And also take consideration what type of vessels /crockery you used in the kitchen regulary.Deponding on size ,material it varies. Occasionally used kitchen essentials can be placed in the topmost height of the kitchen cabinets.

Working space:

Everybody forgot to design their working space in their kitchens.If you place essential items and regularly used items inthe coutertop you can’t get more working area.

Try to avoid placing all appliances in your countertop.Mostly the kitchen requires five working zones such as ,

  • Consumables Zone- main pantry and refrigerator areas.
  • Cleaning Zone – Around the sink area.
  • Storage Zone – non consumable products like utensils,knives, spaces.
  • Preparation Zone – Mostly countertop space.
  • Cooking Zone – microwave oven , built in oven and some space for hot pots and pans too.

Storage space:

Choose tall vertical units for narrow spaces.By using kitchen accessories like carousels,drawer dividers,corner cabinet and base cabinet accessories etc.

While hanging your midway accesories such as your glass holder,cutlery holder,cup and saucer holder,multipurpose holders you can minimise your space.
      Selection of  flooring ,paint colors will be neutral.While select your flooring ,consider about larger size tiles.It’ll give spacious look.

If you have more lights it seems to be much space.In smaller ,the air circulation will be most wanted one to aviod odour,etc.Keep your kitchen clean always otherwise it will give a bad look.

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