How to select a right vanity for your bathrooms

Bathroom is purely more functional area containing toilet,shower/bathtub,vanity sink,etc.Actually,bathroom undergone more changes all over the world in decades.

Nowadays,world wide range of solutions and materials are offered for designing a bathroom and remodeling too. The availability of bathroom space and your budget,are the primary factors when designed or remodeled your bathroom.

While designing or remodeling your bathroom do some research work about the styles,sizes,materials and configurations in the current market.

When I do some searches for my bathroom remodeling work, lot of questions arise in my mind. Those questions helps to design a perfect remodeling for my bathroom space.

Bathroom Vanity

Selecting a right vanity is very important decision making of a bathroom design or remodeling.

What is bathroom Vanity?

“It’s a combination of sink and storage structure around it”.The size of the vanity is depending upon your bathroom size.

Small vanity in a large bathroom as well as large vanity in a small bathroom is not a ideal one to fit in that bathroom space.

It has the storage space underneath the sink area to store or like a hiding space for day to day required cleaning supplies,toiletries,etc.

How to select a right bathroom vanity?

Selecting the bathroom vanity is depends on your personal preferences.Before select your vanity unit you need to knows some basic measurements of vanity unit like,width ,depth,height,etc.Now, we have one question – “How to measure the vanity unit?”

Vanity Width:

Width of the vanity starts from 12″ to more than 70″.Front side dimension of the vanity is the width of the vanity.Measure with your tape ,the front dimension of your older one.

Vanity Height :

Vanity height plays an important role,most of the bathroom vanities start from 30″-36″.Nowadays taller bathroom vanity models such as “comfort vanities” are more popular than the standard ones.Comfort vanity height is about 36″(3 feet).

Measure the height of the vanity from floor level to the top surface of the sink .Children and accessible bathrooms standard height (32″) of bathroom vanity will be the right fit.

Vanity Depth:

Mostly depth of the vanity starts from 8″ and upto 24″(2 feet) .Open the door of the vanity underneath cabinet doors and then, measure the sink depth from top level to the sink(vessel) depth.

Vessel sinks are artistic and fragile which is not suitable for children and aged persons bathrooms and mostly it is taller units.

Space saving vanity vessels is about 12″ minimum diameter.To avoid some mistakes for a remodeled bathroom,measure your replacement vanity size or space for comparison purpose.