What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

   While entering a room, your eyes can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention which tend to focus in a particular point in that room. That ,focal point of attraction is an art called as “Emphasis”. In modern buildings architects and interiors used commonly to get a stunning effect for that place. In every home, we can decorate our room by this design principle.It can be a large picture,fire place, huge rugs, single wall colour with decorative paint, wall paneling ,huge single furniture,etc.In various ways, we can emphasis a room. Emphasis by contrast: In this way, we can brighten a wall by contrasting or … Continue reading What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

#15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

Wall coverings dramatically change the appearance of that room.Walls plays an important role in your home which gives privacy, acoustically sound and safety for thermal conditions. There are plenty of options you can choose for your wall coverings in the market.Most obvious two methods are wallpaper and … Continue reading #15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

20 dazzling Front door styles

Let’s we talk about some dazzling front doors.We know that either in the apartments or in the independent houses, the front door space and design creates a warm welcoming in their own way. Different cultures made their entryway decor and door designs traditionally as Unique. They maybe differ by painting their doors, various door handle designs ,locks, ornate works,adding sidelights,transoms,etc. Contemporary entry doors are eclectic and that door designs are used worldwide. Contemporary metal door design emphasizes that main entrance .Single door paneled with various sizes and patterns of glasses which makes energy efficient too. As per the latest statistical report people spending more in home … Continue reading 20 dazzling Front door styles

Kitchen Backsplash ideas

Modern kitchen designing and renovations have several options in style and materials.Most popular backsplash materials used in the kitchens are ceramic,stone and glass. Blacksplash is just above the kitchen countertops wall space between your kitchen upper and lower cabinets and also around the hood. Some of the colors are often chosen as white, beige, brown and grey.Purpose of backsplash is to avoid heavy cleaning in the kitchen’s most functional area.It protects the wall from food,grease,water,liquids,etc. Glass Glass tiles are more popular in kitchen backsplash. Variety of colors ,sizes and patterns available in the stores.Before placing the glass tiles mesh should be added to the walls.It cost varies from $8 to $35. Mosiac … Continue reading Kitchen Backsplash ideas