#How to invite the outdoors into your home during COVID -19| #Biophilic interior design

In the fast growing technology world, Interior designers and Architects creating more productive, happier, and healthier space to live with nature connection. Biophilic interior design is a fast growing trend during C0VID -19 pandemic .

What is Biophilic design?

Biophilic Design points the way toward creating healthy and productive habitats for modern humans.

Including organic elements to the design such as adding live greenery, natural light skylights and more windows .Similarly, organic surfaces and textures inside the house shows people are happier and improve their productivity. 

#How the Biophilic Design connects the people

Eco friendly design focus mainly on sustainability and biophilic design is not a luxury, gives much importance to our health and wellbeing. The presence of plant life is an essential aspect to biophilic design.

Refresh your white and grey theme decor style ideas with new earthy decor trend “2021”.Many of them spend their time inside the home during pandemic. Hence, we need to refresh your mood and your families too. Let’s try to invite the outdoors into your home with these earthy decorating biophilic ideas.

People tend to enjoy by seeing the nature view outside. When we travel outside, most of us like to sit near by the window to enjoy the nature. Integrating nature with the home environment is basically “Biophilic design”.

Maximizing natural light and changes throughout the day also enhances visual comfort. The Daylight and Workplace study conducted by Cornell University, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, and commissioned by View Dynamic Glass, 84% drop in blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain syndromes when they sit near the windows with optimized natural light.

Interior designers embrace biophilia, creating the better spaces to reduce the stress and balancing blood pressure levels and heart rates. By adding natural materials, natural light, views of nature as well as other experiences of the natural world as integrated into the built environment.

Potted plants, hanging plants, and living walls can all work together to help an indoor environment resemble the outdoors more closely.

Researchers said that 68% of people accepted that “They feel happy when walking in the bright green, yellow, and natural elements, textures, and patterns. Meanwhile ,Pantone announced illuminating bright yellow to refreshing our mood and Ultimate grey to concentrate and engage more without distractions. Combination of yellow and white curtains, yellow flower vases, yellow throw pillows can refresh your interior spaces.

Most of the giant companies researched and undergone these nature connected interior design process. As per their data it increases the concentration, engagement, ability of thinking in the talent hunt.

Nature based patterns like zebra stripes, black dots, wavy patterns, wooden barks and nature colors like green, brown, sky blue and natural elements, soil, water ,fire are mostly attracted by our human eyes.

Especially, white color welcoming the daylight inside the house as much as possible. In addition, artificial light and natural light combination in a house interior will connect the people with nature environment.

Thus, top Designers, Architects brings these natural elements into the home with some innovative ideas. In this technology world, plants, animal patterns, natural patterns gives more relaxing mood for all and refreshing energy too.

For example, potted plant, a manicured lawn, or a lush rooftop garden. Include mimicking of natural forms in buildings and constructed landscapes, photographs, paintings, books or video of natural world, using floral decorative or ornamental objects.

Research says that, people need better energy level by healing natural colors inside their homes. Moreover designers combines the biophilic elements with the traditional elements and materials ensures improves their mental health and comfort level of the occupants.

Natural wood furniture and accessories with minimal design nature pattern will connect us with the nature. Natural wood palette brings the warm by its texture .However the minimalistic Scandinavian design reflects and invite the nature into your homes.

In this decor they mostly focus on functionalism and simplicity. It also includes the use of natural materials, such as leather, wood, and hemp. Done by adding wooden furniture, lightwood color and bright white to increase the efficiency.

Mainly for kids growth, the ecofriendly interior decor style definitely helps to improve their concentration and engage themselves in happier and healthier mood.

Meanwhile, in the older people rooms tall view mirrors near the windows viewing outside of their home welcoming nature view gives calm and relaxation.

On the whole, during COVID -19 the biophilic interior design will help us to improve our efficiency by inviting outdoors into our home to bring us healthy and happy life.

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