#How to find the best siding material for your home?

While choosing siding for your dream home there are some factors included in selection process. Such as durability , style , budget for home and individual preference of house owners. If you live in the severe storm areas ,priority should be durability of siding material.

Some types of siding requires periodic painting and some of the siding may crack due to expansion and contraction. The life span of the siding mostly depends on the climate where you live.

Traditional Wood Siding

Wood siding comes in various forms like batten, shakes, shingles, and clapboards, etc. Wood siding gives a natural, warm look for your house. Builders often choose wood sidings for premium budget house projects. Inspect the cracks and damages of natural wood sidings every year.

Although it gives the traditional charm to your house ,Wood clapboard is less expensive than Shingles. Once in six years, spruce up is essential for wood siding , it depends the finishing style of your siding.

Alternate Engineering Wood siding

Engineering wood siding are more flexible , moisture resisted material which replaces the look of natural wood siding .If you like the traditional wood sliding look, alternate option for them the engineering wood siding . It will fit for moderate budget plan .

According to remodelers , engineering wood is easy to work than fiber wood siding material. Engineering wood, cuts like real wood ,it requires only ordinary woodworking tools for installation.

Color changeable Fiber cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is warp and rot resistant siding material. It is a best affordable siding material choice for your home. Fire and termite resistant material with low maintenance than vinyl siding. It’s worthy for your money .

Installation cost is more for fiberwood siding compare to engineering siding material because it needs specialization tools to cut the siding material and also more wastages happen during installation process.

Fiber cement siding has an infinite number of color options because it is painted after installation. It requires regular caulking and repainting to protect the siding.

Long lasting Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is the best efficient siding material of all other sidings. Most popular in the warmer climates and at the same time installation cost is more than other sidings materials .It is the best insulated material for heat and cold weather conditions.

In Stucco siding , holes and patches may occur due to children, pets and other factors. Holes need to be fixed immediately to maintain the walls.

Most affordable Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding gives great value for your money. It’s made up of PVC plastic resin material , which makes it remarkably strong. Particularly , it won’t rust like metal siding and conduct electricity . Wide range of colors and styles are available in this vinyl siding.

Some vinyl panels are 16 foot long which helps for special cases .If a object like baseball hits, it won’t broke or dent because of it’s material property.

Ultimately , selection of siding material of the house depends upon the house owners priority such as durability , style , budget and their own preferences too.