#25 Tips for decorating your kids bedroom

Kids bedrooms have to be designed colorful, bright,airy, playful, and it seems to be large for them.Children between 8 to 12 are keen on having a place of their own.They need some space for both being alone and socializing with their friends in the same room at different times. Color plays an important role while designing your lovely kids room.Before choosing a color for their room do some research work on your children’s psychology,style and wish for keep them active everyday. Cool colors like blue make them feel bigger like our sky.Always kids love outdoor than indoors.Keep in that in … Continue reading #25 Tips for decorating your kids bedroom

How to decorate your entryways

First impressions are more powerful and enduring. Entrance furnishings, paint colors, seating arrangements give an idea about the personality of the people who lives inside.If a house entryway is not properly organised,it will store in your guest’s mind. People cannot live nowadays without shoes,keys ,bags…Hence,entryway need some arrangements for their basic criteria.Some of the houses entryway and front way reflects their culture also. A table or chest drawer in your entry way is a great place for key,mails,etc.Wooden chest drawers will give a traditional elegant look. Above the chest drawers or console table, your wall space is the best place … Continue reading How to decorate your entryways

How to select colors for your interiors

Nature and art are the most important sources for colors in interior decoration.Color makes the room calm,exciting,cozy,warm,etc.Color has the ability to control and enhance and improve people’s environment. Pay attention on colors when choosing wall paints furnishings and furniture.The aim of interior decoration is to enhance the natural and artificial lights …. Continue reading How to select colors for your interiors