Interior design trend 2020

Interior design Trend 2020 | Color of the year – 2020

Interior design trend 2020 towards nature and sustainable elements, gives an environment-friendly design. Moreover, architects, interior designers, and home decorators mixed the warm and cool natural colors like classic blue, mustard yellow, orange, emerald green, olive green, etc.

Pantone said,” Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge”.

In this tech era, most of the person intimate with electronic gadgets, not with their family . Henceforth, the interior design trend 2020 is trying to create a better intimate space at their home and working places.

Interior design trend 2020 will be nature inspired designs.In this article, I ‘d like to share the most likely trend in Interior designing and decor 2020. Designers and Architects, collaborate together and invite the outdoors into home with eco-friendly interior design ideas.

Space planning and furniture arrangements 2020

Multifunctional spaces are the most welcoming interior design idea for spending some relaxing hours with their family. These designs give a better option for creating intimacy among them.

While remodeling the houses most of the house owners want to change their living space into a large area with the kitchen and dining together.

Curved furnishings make a grouping more intriguing and intimate. Interior design trend 2020, designers create a spacious feel in their living areas like formal.

However, the arrangements of curvy furniture pieces like the kidney-shaped couch, encourage the feeling of closeness towards them.

In small space design, a large curved shape couch arrangement might be troublesome. In that case, aligning or arranging curvy edges furniture in the curvy form will make a cozy space plan.

Awe-inspiring retro couches, Bold rich gem Stone couches, small space couches, and velvet couches can be the pattern in 2020.

Color of the year 2020 in Interior Design

Color of the year -2020 classic blue seating arrangements with any combinations like white, black, emerald green, mustard yellow, coral, monochromatic blue shades make your space eye-catching.

Pantone said, “Classic blue is elegant in its simplicity. This color is the response to our research for peace and tranquility”.Color plays an important role in each design. Proper choice of the color, definitely creates the space warmth and coziness together.

Color of the year blue represents the sky and the sea. And also, associated with large open spaces and expansiveness. Besides, it represents stability, depth, cleanliness. Likewise, it gives calm and peace.

The famous futurist Tracey said that “Classic blue portrays the tension in the balancing act between technological vision and environmental sustainability”.

Nature inspired decor 2020

Color therapy uses yellow color shades to make people smile and feel joyful. Yellow and it’s shaded create a complimentary theme with blue interiors design.

Cheerful sunny yellow color shades are optimistic speed up metabolism too. Hence, adding yellow with blue gives stability and encourage people to communicate with each other.

Combine the design elements with natural elements will improve your mental health and comfort level of the occupants inside.

Besides, decor the home with indoor plants makes home healthier too. Moreover, complementary color green infuses freshness and visual cohesiveness to your home.

Design trend Art Deco style

Art Deco most popular in the 1930s through to the end of World War II. Particularly, designers and architects used this style in the geometric forms and sweeping curves, glass decor and glass ornaments.

In addition, designers included some materials in the design such as Terracotta, smooth-faced stone, stucco along with glass blocks.

Windows and wall openings filled with glass which admits the daylight inside. Marble is one of the deluxe materials used in this ArtDeco interior design.

Natural and geometric themes are added together in the design trend of 2020. Geometric themed rugs, natural patterned flooring designs, wall covering designs, wall tile designs can be like the Artdeco interior design style in a modern way.

decor with natural materials

Ratan furniture is lightweight, durable, flexible, and attractive, sustainability and eco-friendly. For this reason, Wicker weaved Rattan furniture can be a design trend in 2020.

Rattan Furniture

On the other hand, Wicker is a weaving method by woven fibers like rattan, pine straw, vines, etc. Nowadays, the wicker has been created by using synthetic resins.

In fact, Synthetic wicker is considered as long-lasting outdoor furniture among people because it stands well against weather conditions.

Welcoming more daylight inside the house makes the environment awakening and energetic. Thus, interior designers and architects work together by placing tall window panels, glass reflective panel partitions, and tall reflective mirrors to get more light inside.

On the whole, interior trend 2020 will give a positive vibe inside the home because of calm and natural colors and sustainable, natural eco – friendly design.