How to increase property value by garage door replacement

Garage door replacement increases the value of the property by getting a 93 % return on investment. Realtors estimated that “ While upgrading or replacing the garage door, the property value increases up to 4 % of the actual value”.

Choosing the right garage door can be easy by getting more than two estimates from professional overhead companies. Before starting the Door replacement, try to gather some pieces of information about product comparison cost and it’s the value from the customer’s report.

In addition, gather some information about installation charges, garage door opener cost, type of garage door materials, etc.

Remove and dispose of the old garage door and tracks. Then, replace your new garage door with quality steel tracks.

If your door opener having enough weighing capacity, work with a motorized old door opener. You can save money by avoiding more door weight than the old Garage door.

Nowadays, small windows at the top of the panel, insulated by glass materials. It gives daylight options to save energy costs during summer.

The steel garage door offers lots like color, insulation, and pricing too. Depending on climatic conditions wooden garage doors need more maintenance.

Most of the garage door installation company has it’s own factory-trained garage door installing workers.

Garage door replacement cost depends on new garage door cost, labor charges, door opener and other miscellaneous charges like tracks, springs, brackets, etc. In some cases, resizing the door can increase the cost.

Garage door replacement cost

Particularly, the door replacement cost varies due to different material types. Vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, faux wood, composite wood, wood, steel material cost varies accordingly.

It creates a huge impact on garage door replacement costs. In high, the steel door costs around $3000.Custom made wooden doors are more expensive. Moreover, it ranges from $3400 to $5000 according to door sizes.

Generally, Garage doors are single-layered or multiple layered with insulation. Multiple layer garage doors are more expensive to buy and install. It can help to save your energy costs in some cases.

Garage door opener cost, mostly varies from $150 to $300. Belt driven , chain driven and direct drive garage openers cost varies because of it’s operation and maintenance.

Direct drive has efficient mechanism and less noise capacity .Hence , the high cost about $500.

According to the Cost vs Value report, the average garage door replacement costs $ 1,650.Finally, the cost of the garage door replacement varies from $500 to $5000.It depends on the severe climatic conditions and all other factors.

Garage door replacement cost :

Min. Max.
1 – Car$530$800
2- Car$890$1600
Average Garage door Replacement cost