#How To Replace Your Garage Door | Garage Door Installation Cost

Garage doors replacement gives 95% return investment home improvement project which boost your home’s curb appeal. Installing the new garage door takes 2 to 7 hours of work depends removal and installation of the door type. The total average costs for garage door replacement between $550 and $2,200.

Garage door replacement will increase your property value. Garage door replacements rank highly because they’re relatively affordable, they also have a large impact especially if the home has more than one door that faces the street. 

Garage door replacement cost includes the cost of the door, installation cost, hardware cost and old garage door removal cost. If you fix a contractor for garage door replacement will include all the above process cost.

Moreover the full service garage door retailers offer the garage door installation services, disassembling the previous door, including delivery and installation of the new door as well as disposing the older one.

Which is the best way for garage door installation?

Most of the house owners asked when they planned to replace the garage door is, “How to install my garage door myself?”

Due to heavy weight of the garage door isn’t be a easy DIY project. You can disassemble the garage door and can save a bit of extra money.

Professional garage door installation contractors covers the installation warranty for a year.

Lifting the new heavy garage door for installation and replacement makes the most of the house owners to decide professional contractors are the best for garage door installation with warranty.

What are the factors influencing Garage door installation cost?

Most importantly, the garage door size, number of garage doors, door type and material. In addition garage door design and garage door opener type, market conditions also affects the garage door final cost.

Garage Door Installation cost
Lowest cost $470
Average cost $1200
Highest cost $2200
2022 Garage door installation cost National Avg.

The cost of living in a particular city will impact the labor cost. You might pay more dollars for the same garage door replacement than in the other state.

Some of the features increase the garage door cost by including the optional features like windows, walkthrough doors, hurricane rated doors.

Issues Of Old Tracks In The New Garage Door

Garage doors come with their own set of tracks, and if you don’t install them, you will be setting yourself up for a whole set of issues that will reduce the reliability of your garage door.

Most of the brand tracks are door specific tracks nowadays. Hence, the older ones are not compatible with your new garage door models.

Finally, if you are planning to increase your property value in various ways, a new garage door is an excellent option to consider. Choice is always in your hands, select the best fit in the appearance and functionality for your needs!!