#15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

Wall coverings dramatically change the appearance of that room.Walls plays an important role in your home which gives privacy, acoustically sound and safety for thermal conditions. There are plenty of options you can choose for your wall coverings in the market.Most obvious two methods are wallpaper and … Continue reading #15 ways of wall covering ideas :how to decor your walls

How to decorate your entryways

First impressions are more powerful and enduring. Entrance furnishings, paint colors, seating arrangements give an idea about the personality of the people who lives inside.If a house entryway is not properly organised,it will store in your guest’s mind. People cannot live nowadays without shoes,keys ,bags…Hence,entryway need some arrangements for their basic criteria.Some of the houses entryway and front way reflects their culture also. A table or chest drawer in your entry way is a great place for key,mails,etc.Wooden chest drawers will give a traditional elegant look. Above the chest drawers or console table, your wall space is the best place … Continue reading How to decorate your entryways

20 dazzling Front door styles

Let’s we talk about some dazzling front doors.We know that either in the apartments or in the independent houses, the front door space and design creates a warm welcoming in their own way. Different cultures made their entryway decor and door designs traditionally as Unique. They maybe differ by painting their doors, various door handle designs ,locks, ornate works,adding sidelights,transoms,etc. Contemporary entry doors are eclectic and that door designs are used worldwide. Contemporary metal door design emphasizes that main entrance .Single door paneled with various sizes and patterns of glasses which makes energy efficient too. As per the latest statistical report people spending more in home … Continue reading 20 dazzling Front door styles