How do wall scones placed in walls?

Wall scones light are the additional decorative element for houses and offices , brings traditionally strong design. Especially, in the modern trendy houses wall scones lights are placed in the wall as a contemporary design element.


If you want to spruce up the decor of your home , scone lighting will be the best decor idea.

Applications of today’s sconces are endless and these versatile wall lights work equally well indoors or out door.

What is a wall scone ?

Actually , scones are used traditionally to hold the lights or candles with the help of wall mounted brackets .In older days , wall scones are made up of mostly with glass and brushed iron but nowadays plenty of decorative options for your needs.

How do wall scones work?

In general wall scones are installed closely towards the wall . It can be used as task lighting in the reading spots , entryways ,bathrooms , hallways , etc .

It can be used as ambient light also.Particularly , wall scones are installed by two types such as hardwired scones and plug in scones .

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Hardwired scones are permanently wired to the house by an electrical system. Besides , this scones are operated by wall switches.

Plug- in scones are less expensive and much easier to install than hardwired scones.Whereas , wires will be visible outside and sometimes extension chords you need for installation.

Where should you placed the wall scones?

Most likely , wall scones light are placed in the average height of the people who are living inside. Particularly, average height taken in some parts of the world as 5 feet to 6 feet.

Likewise, the distance between each scone lighting approximately 6 feet apart makes the room even lighting / brightness.This rule mostly applied for long hallways , entryways ,etc.

Bedroom wall scone lighting is mostly helpful for late night reading . Similarly , scone lighting much helpful for kids during nighttimes.

In general , sconce lights are placed just above shoulder height and close enough to turn on the light without getting out of your bed .

Most of the Interior decorators used this scone lighting not only as decorative element, they used as task lighting too.

In bathrooms , wall scone lights are placed at your eye level in both sides of your vanity mirror . This can be used as a task lighting for your sink area.

How much cost scone lights will be ?

Wall scone light comes in various shapes , styles and finishes. Generally , It’s costs between $50 to $400. For installation charges of hardwired scones is about $300 to $450 for pair of scones

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