#How to layout your living room : Interior space planning ideas

Layout of your living room interior not be a simple task. It has to meet functional criteria and also visual criteria.

Large space living room design meets the functional as well as visual criteria.Balance, alignment, Emphasis,clearance, circulation and pair of arrangement are laid out well by the interiors.

In fact, living room layout depends upon the size of the dwelling , economic status and lifestyle of the user.

Particularly , the circulation space in the living room is very important aspect of interior designing and layouts .

During social activities , people tend to gather as small groups for conversation.Thus , foot traffic space or aisle has to be in one side of the living space .

Furnitures arranged proportionally with circulation path in coastal color theme creates visual balance by thediymommy.

Try to avoid the circulation path or foot traffic path within the conversion area such as sofa, coffee table .

Functional criteria

Balanced living room decor with perfect aisle which creates a good conversation space.
  • Most of the cases the foot space between center table or coffee table and sofa must be 10 inches min.
  • Secondly , the circulation area is about 10 feet diameter makes the conversion furniture arrangement as best which creates intimacy in the living room.
  • Good traffic flow and movement space is very essential when arranging your furniture in the living room.
  • In the square living room , furniture arrangement is very challenging.
  • The circulation path may cut the conversation path in the square area , you can place the tables beside the sofas.
  • Don’t place the seats too apart in the conversation area.
  • Arrangement of the furniture , like face each each other will create a better conversation area.
  • Avoid cluttering in the living area with too many furnitures.
  • If you have more space in your living create several zones . As well as arrange the furniture for different activity zones with visual balance.

Visual criteria

Visually balanced by the blending of material color tones and arrangement of furnitures
  • Bare windows visually emphasize the living space and it gives a outdoor feel brings inside your house with dazzling natural light .
  • If your living room look like long and narrow spacing , use small curvy furnitures .
  • Break , rectangular long box view by using curvy irregular shapes rugs .
  • Select lighter color shades for the walls , seems to be spacious.These color effect changed the look of a narrow space into wider.
  • The color of the wall and elements of the room such as windows,doors,etc are in the same tone colors .However , it will blend with eachother otherwise  they will be emphasized.
  • Fix the focal point correctly , place the furniture  around that point .
  • In addition , Fireplace in living area, overhanging decorative lights in dinning area,large framed photo frames, help for visual balancing.

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