#20 Tips for decorating your kids bedroom

Kids bedrooms have to be designed and decorated by colorful, bright,airy, playful, and it seems to be large for them.Children between 8 to 12 are keen on having a place of their own.They need some space for both being alone and socializing with their friends in the same room at different times.

1 . Colorful and playful for your kids

Color plays an important role while decorating your lovely kids room.Before choosing a color for their room do some research work on your children’s psychology,style and wish for keep them active everyday.

2 . Cool colors makes more spacious

Cool colors like blue make them feel bigger like our sky.Always kids love outdoor than indoors.Keep in that in your mind while designing your kids bedroom.So,playful and spacious bedroom attracts kids more.

3. Make some space for fun activities

Make some place for playing sand, clay dough,etc.And arrange some essential things to clean that place easily.

4 . creative space for your kids

If your kid is more active and creative, leave some space in the wall for free creative drawings and idea mapping.Paint one wall with chalkboard paint for your creative kids.

5. Nature lookout windows

Look out the nature is not only good for adults, children also get benefit from taking a lookout over something green.The nature helnps the children to develop their cognitive development faster.

6 . Climb wall for active kids

Some kids are very active and energetic ,those kids has to spend their energy inside the house.You can make a climb wall one side which makes them fun.Rock climbing is one of the idea for energetic kids.

7. Celestial bodies for curious dreamers

Do you have kids dreams about celestial bodies and curious about space?

For those space loving kids ,you can make their beds and furnitures, rugs with space objects like sun, moon ,stars,etc.

Design some storage places for your kids age level to easy access without adults help.

8 .Chic bins for perfect cleaners

Collect some chic bins for lovable kids which attracts them to use more while cleaning their rooms.

9 . Canopy for camping lovers

Bed canopy ,teepee tents are one of the kids room decorative element.You can get lots of collections in stores ranges from $20 and more.

10 . Improve control ,focus , Attention by swings

Rope swings hanging from the ceiling in the kids bedroom makes the kid more happy and fun.

11 . Brighten your kids room with Popup colors

Pop up color will brighten up any kids bedroom and you can get easily by collection of pop up colors in their bedspreads,cushions,pillow covers, wall hangings wall decorative hooks,posters,rugs,etc.

12 . Fun , playful & stylish rugs

Crate and Barrel have lots of kids rug collections likes space rugs, animal rug, road play rug, cloud rug, waves rug,constellation,hopscotch rug etc.

13 . Your kids favorite thematic collections

Minecraft kids bedroom theme collection adorable for your boys bedroom nowadays.

You can collect Minecraft gift boxes for storages,Minecraft slippers, creeper as pillow buddy,Minecraft TNT cube cushions,comforter,quilt set, throw blanket, mini poster.These are the simply ways to change your kids bedroom thematically.

14 . Decor for your musical lovers

If your kids are more interested in music, you can decorate your kids bedroom with music theme.Like painting a wall with music symbols and rhythm and lines.

15 . Wall paints – your kids psychology

Wall is the best decorative element to change the mood by painting for their phycology. Children are being exposed to more colors than previous generations.

16 . Change your rugs seasonally

Rugs plays an important role in kids room by changing the room appearance seasonally and thematically too.

17. Space saver bunk beds

Bunk beds are a popular option for when children sharing the room.It maximize the floor space for other activities.

Some modular beds have bed, study areas and storage underneath designed to satisfied the needs in smaller space children room.

18 . Color code storage boxes – easy sorting way

You can use color code storage boxes to sort and store the toys.Various plastic staking boxes are available in the markets.Color Storages boxes is one the best options for designing your young kids bedroom.

19 . Built in storage boxes – your kids ideas

Built in storage shelving makes for preschool kids to adolescences is good for all.

20. Wall hooks for your curious kids

Adorable wall hooks is one of the wall decor element for your kids room.Animal lovers, birds lovers , nature lovers have lot of options . Thematic hooks are also decorating options for your kids bedroom.