How to use the interior space as best in your layout

Good layout space of any house will make a comfortable living. Most efficient use of any area, will makes the space aesthetically pleasing and lovely. While selecting the size ,shape , style of the furniture ,doors , windows and lights are some of the factors to be in your mind for the best interior layouts.

In a layout designing spaces for sharing with others and private spaces will be taken into account. To achieve a good layout, maintain balance and functional distribution of the spaces.

1 . Entryway

The entryway creates the first image of your house and it is an introductory element to the entire house.Take care while planning the entryway lights , we must select a artificial light in that small places to brighten that area.The colors and style should connected with all other rooms.You can get more ideas in entryway decor ideas.

2. Kitchen

Work triangles for different kitchen layout

Kitchen the space you have to work with safety and efficiency.As per the interior design principles , the working triangle gives the efficient kitchen by it’s storage area , preparation area and cooking area.

Use light colors on the walls to make your kitchen seem larger .Island kitchen is the best choice if you have more kitchen space.

3. Dinning Area

The dinning table and chairs layout is mostly depends upon the availability of spaces. Don’t place the table very near to the walls .

Always try to keep a circulation space around the dinning table.If your area is small , you can choose a rectangular dinning table than circular one.

4 . Living room

Living room layout mostly designed for relaxation and less functional.You can emphasis your living room by fireplace , accent wall , bright sunlight entering windows , artwork or single furniture.

After sorting out what functions you need to consider, make a list of the furniture items that will help you achieve that function . Position of your sofa , chairs, carpets, entertainment unit , center table , rugs must create a warm welcome and meeting spaces.

5 . Bedroom

Bedroom is the space where you feel more personal and intimacy.If you have spacious bedroom ,you can separate dressing room and bed .Bedroom layout must have a circulation space around the bed , doors , windows , drawer units.

Sky blue and light colors gives some pleasant airy feel to your rooms and seems larger. Green olive and moss color tones for your walls will create a best country style rooms.


Bathroom is the space where functionality , cleanliness and aesthetics play together .Before selecting the bathtub , toilet sink , vanities keep in mind about your bathroom layout .Do some research before selecting the right elements for your bathroom spaces. Don’t tile up to the ceiling , leave some space between ceiling and tile in the wall space.

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