#How to reduce the humidity in your bathroom

Bathroom is a hygienic , cleanliness spot/place in any healthy residence. You can transform a small bathroom into a place of wellness and relaxation by your smart ideas.

Too much of humidity because of hot shower leads to condensation which leads to grow mildew and mold in the ceiling and your bathroom walls.

Due to this excess moisture , the walls will damage and your wall paint or wallpapers in your bathroom affects .Increasing the air circulation by using quality air appliances can be the first step for reducing and preventing from mold issues.

Regular bathroom exhaust fans often fails to remove the excess moisture . Because we mostly don’t leave the fan long enough after the shower. Hence , the moisture penetrates inside the walls of your bathroom and creates mold . To reduce this issue you can use ,

  • Moisture sensor switch
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Humidity sensor fans
  • Timer fan
  • Humidistat

Humidity sensor switch

Humidity sensor control switch controls both the fan and the lights in the bathroom. This switch will automatically “ On “ If excess moisture in the room and it turns “Off” When the moisture reduced inside.The sensor will work for the minimum time set or until the humidity reduce in the bathroom.


Dehumidifiers are portable compact unit that can be easily move to any moisture space . If your bathroom exhaust fan is not sufficient for controlling the moisture in the bathroom you can use this dehumidifier.It can control the level of moisture in air inside the bathroom area. It is perfect for small bathrooms with less open air circulation space.

Dehumidifiers typically have a drip pan or a removable bucket where the condensate collects for disposal and some dehumidifiers are also equipped with a built-in pump for worry-free, continuous drainage.

Humidity sensor Fan

Humidity sensor fan detects the excess humidity in the bathroom and it activates automatically the exhaust fan to reduce the moisture inside. It helps to reduce mold and reduce energy by it’s automatic operation of exhaust fan during the necessity time only.

Adjustable humidity set point between 50% to 80% in most of the products.If humidity is above the setting points the fan runs at full speed until the humidity reduced.Ceiling or wall mount installation fans are available in the market.

Wall timer Fan

Avoiding or removing all the moisture in the bathroom is not possible . But we can evaporate the moisture in the bathroom is very important to prevent mold issues.

A timer bathroom fan will work after someone used the shower and left that room.The fan will work for timings like 1 min.to 60 min. Sometimes we tend to forget the fans , they run all day long .Bathroom timer switch works for ventilation fans , lights as energy saving control switch in bathrooms and laundry areas.


Like the thermostat on your Air-condition , humidistat controls the moisture content . The humidistat runs the air conditioner until the humidity level is reduced.

If the temperature is high and less humid , it doesn’t allow the air conditioner to work .In this way, you protect your home form mold problems while you are away without having to maintain a specific temperature in the home.

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