How to choose right mat for your entryway

Door mats or entrance mats help to stomp your debris and water before you enter the premises.It has to protect falling individuals in the skidding areas.

Certain types of entrance mats designed with some funny and interesting quotes.


Scraper entry mats help to scrapes shoes clean to avoid tracking
in mud, slush and grime.Mostly,it’s costs around $40.

Heater entryway mats can be used in icy entryways -worst winters areas.Protected power cord plugs into any 120V outlet that can melts 2” snow.

Gorilla grip rubber mats are most popular rubber mats because of it’s low profile,durable,heavy duty, easy clean.Costs starts from$17.

Water hog mats are most durable mats which soak-up snow, water and ice quickly.It costs from $25.

Cleaning the mats are according to their material and color.Some of the mats ,you can do machine washing ,separate by type of material and color.

Some mats you can’t go with machine washing, just you can hose by water outside.

Some of the fascinating welcome home mats are also available in the markets with different materials.



  • Coir mats are eco friendly mats.Stiff and resilient coconut husk fibers act as scrub brushes.
  • It’s durability, strength and water absorption capacity is more than others.
  • Withstand in all type of weather conditions.
  • Sustainability is more in salt water condition.
  • Colors maybe fade in rainy areas like Seattle and extreme hot temperatures too.Less colored coir mats may be your best choice for long lasting purpose.


  • Rubber mats keep your entryways clean and safe.
  • Anti slip and anti fatigue material which gives you comfort and safety.Debris stays trapped below walking surface.
  •  Many of the rubber mats also feature holes to facilitate water drainage in your entryways.
  • It does not absorb water, you can held up well over the winter.
  • Good for outdoor use only.
  • Water and debris are effectively channeled below the surface of the rubber mats.
  • It is more suitable for rainy areas like Seattle,gives the kids a place to stomp off their water, mud, etc before coming inside.
  • Simply vacuum with a hand-held vacuum, or you can sweep with a broom and you can shake off outdoors or over your garbage bin.

Polypropylene polypropylene material )
  • Fashionable indoor mat for main entrances, and it’s made up of Thermostatic material which gives flexibility and toughness.
  • Weather and moisture resistant material, durable in extreme temperatures.Hence,you can use these mats in camping.
  • Aesthetically good because of it’s color and designs.
  • If they have non-slip rubber backing material, they won’t curl.
  • Indoor polypropylene mats are decorative by it’s colors and patterns and foldable.You can use in patios, picnic areas.
  • Polypropylene surface material dries quickly and will not fade nor rot.
  • Effortless Cleaning ,you can broom it off within few minutes like dog hair, dry leaves,etc

  • It works well with high traffic area like entrance and backdoor.
  • These mats are lightweight and do slide around if the dogs hit them at a run, otherwise they do not move.
  • You can walk on it with your bare feet very comfortably.
  • It’s great for wear, tear and scratches.
  • Ideal for moderate-traffic, indoor / outdoor areas.
  • It can be used in swimming pool areas.
  • Expensive mats are adorable.

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