#How to choose a right tape : The best tape You can buy

Let’s know about some tapes for emergency repair works and for your home kit . Tapes are commonly used for wrapping/packaging , household repairs, Electrical insulation works , decorating works , sealing the joints, etc.

If you want to do it yourself independently , you need some right knowledge and tools. Before waiting for a technician, you can do some essential emergency repair works .There are several types of tapes available in the markets.Such as,

  • Gorilla tape
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Carpet tape
  • Magnetic tape
  • Masking tape
  • Packaging tape

Duct Tape

Duct tape composed of three layers ,the first layer is a plastic one, the fabric layer is a middle layer and at last , third layer is adhesive rubber layer . Because of it’s stretchability , it is used in the irregular surface too.You can use this tape for a damaged garden hoses repair works.

Duct tape initially used the army soldiers ; green color only in early days.Now, it came in different patterns and colors and in various adhesive strength.

In Army , they used for repairing works like gun ,vehicles and aircraft . Because of it’s water resistant nature , it can be used as a medical tape incase of emergencies.

Duct tape can also helps to fix pipe leaks temporarily before waiting for a professional .Wrap the duct tape as tightly as you can around the pipe several times in order to create a tight seal.

Duct tapes are the best choice for waterproof tapes and repair tapes.

Carpet tapes

Carpet tapes helps to hold your rugs,carpets,runners firmly on the floor surfaces such as tiles,marbles,wooden floors,laminated floors,etc.

Long lasting , durable tapes works well in heavy traffic areas like entryway, stairs , hallways, etc.

Gaffers tape/Spike tape

Gaffers tape is used in theaters,event conducting areas because it doesn’t reflect light like duct tapes.Photography industry,film industry, wrapping the electrical wires ,book binding industry are used the Gaffers tape.

It can be used in low and high temperatures and variations as well as removal of adhesive is clear and perfect than others.Gaffers Duct tape is more resistant to heat; it won’t stretch .

Gaffers tape is the best choice of entertainment and art industry because it doesn’t harm the surface to which it adhered.

Spike tapes narrow type of Gaffers tape which is used to marking on the floor by artists on their stage ; signal for dark stages and color-coding It helps to identify by it’s color variation while marking on the floor by contractors in construction industry.

Gorilla tape

Gorilla tape specially designed to stand up in all weather conditions .The strongest duct tape has double strength than the ordinary ones helps for permanent repair works.

They added more adhesives and two layers of fibers to make it stronger. Gorilla tape is the best choice for double strength duct tape.

HVAC tape

Foil tape or HVAC tapes used by professional contractors and houseowners.It helps to household repair works in low and high temperature .It can be used in all weather conditions.

Nashua 357 ,398 Premium grade duct tapes are used by professional contractors for HVAC works.

Electrical tape/ Insulation tape

It is used to insulate the electrical wires.The colored tapes helps to indicate the phase of the wire and the various voltage level.Electrical tape also hold a certification that it not burn when overheated.

Long lasting insulation tapes are made up of plastics , vinyl , etc. The people ‘s best choice of electrical tape is 3M Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape.

Painting tape / Masking tape

Painting tapes help to plan for the painting projects.Especially for the spray painting areas.Green frog tape is an excellent product for painters but it is more expensive than ScotchBlue painter’s tape. ScotchBlue Painter tape is cost effective painter’s choice.

It can be used to avoid paint bleeding , wall stripping and it is good as a trimmer for the window edges.

Silicon Tape

If you wonder to work with minor water leakages by replacing a damaged garden hose, you can use this flexible and strong repair tape.

You can wrap and repair it to seal leaks and patch holes. The people’s best choice of silicon tape for emergency purposes in home and garden is X-Treme silicon Tape .

Flashing tape

Flashing tapes are thin tapes which is used to prevent moisture , water ,air with in the building.It helps to lower the A/C costs for your house.

Windows and doors sealed a waterproof filler and sealant, used in building work and repairs called caulk also allow temperatures from the outside to enter the house. It can reduce the energy and raise your power bills.

If there is any leakages in your windowsill area, doors,windows,nail holes,etc. You can use this tape to fix all the leakages.Roofers also use flashing tape to seal cracks before securing shingles. Bitumen flashing tape is cost effective which is made up of petroleum and asphalt material.

Acrylic flashing tape is the best adhesive tape than bitumen , which is more expensive.For cold weather conditions, bitumen doesn’t works well compare to rubber adhesives and acrylic adhesives.

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