What Is Emphasis in Interior Design?

   While entering a room, your eyes can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention which tend to focus in a particular point in that room. That, focal point of attraction is an art called as “Emphasis“. In modern buildings architects and interiors used commonly to get a stunning effect for that place.


In every home, we can decorate our room by this design principle. It can be a large picture, fire place, huge rugs, single wall color with decorative paint, wall paneling ,huge single furniture, etc. Likewise in various ways, we can emphasis a room.

Emphasis By Contrast:

Emphasis by fresh yellow color cabinets

In this way, we can brighten a wall by contrasting or either placing a large contrast pictures, light fittings.
This method normally used by the designers and it is a simple method of emphasis.

Emphasis By Isolation:

Isolation of a huge furniture(sofa, chair,),or a fireplace , entertainment item. An item that stands apart from its surroundings will be more noticeable.

Emphasis By Placement:

When an object placed in the center will be perceived as a focal point. For an example, If you placed a large painting work / portrait in your living room, it creates attention obviously. .The repetition of elements of design creates unity within the interior design.

On the whole, Emphasis is the part of the interior design that catches the viewer’s attention. Usually the designers will make a stand out by contrasting it with other areas easily.

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