What is Emphasis in Interior Design?

   While entering a room, your eyes can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention which tend to focus in a particular point in that room. That ,focal point of attraction is an art called as “Emphasis”. In modern buildings architects and interiors used commonly to get a stunning effect for that place.


In every home, we can decorate our room by this design principle.It can be a large picture,fire place, huge rugs, single wall colour with decorative paint, wall paneling ,huge single furniture,etc.In various ways, we can emphasis a room.

Emphasis by contrast:

Emphasis by fresh yellow color cabinets

In this way, we can brighten a wall by contrasting or either placing a large contrast pictures,light fittings.
This method normally used by the designers and it is a simple method of emphasis.

Emphasis by Isolation:

Isolation of a huge furniture(sofa, chair,),or a fireplace , entertainment item. An item that stands apart from its surroundings will be more noticeable.

Emphasis by placement:

When an object placed in the center will be perceived as a focal point. For an example, If you placed a large painting work / portrait in your living room, it creates attention obviously .

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