How to buy a smart smoke detector : Dual sensor Smart detectors

Smoke alarm is the most important fire safety device in everyone’s house.Before going to buy smart smoke detectors here you can get some ideas .

Nowadays, smart alarms do their work even you are inside or not.They have some control to work in a smarter way, how…

How does smart smoke alarm work?

Smoke alarm gives alert when the battery is low .It can automatically contact with emergency contact person if you didn’t respond for danger alert.Nowadays, smart home system and some smart smoke alarms are interconnected to give better result.

Smart smoke alarm contains two detections such as smoke and carbon monoxide (CO).When this sensor detects smoke in your home , it will give voice alert , siren alert .It also give alert to your smartphones , contact with emergency numbers automatically.

There are two types of smoke alarms such as Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors and they do different types of operations .

Ionization sensors quickly respond to fast burning fires .Photoelectric sensors are faster in response for detecting the smoldering smoke.Smoldering smokes are common in residential areas.

Interconnected smart alarms help to connect all the alarms in the larger houses.Some alarms have dual sensors only ,they don’t have smart facilities.

Dual sensor smart alarms

Dual sensor smart alarms contain both Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors.Dual sensor smart alarms detect the smoke in your house and it gives you voice alert as well as audio alert to your smartphones.

It also helps to get a clear idea about fire smoke or carbon monoxide in your house. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous poisonous gas which gives breathing trouble,Nausea,headaches,etc.

Smoke alarm is powered by nine volt disposable batteries or 10 year lithium batteries.

People’s Best choice 2019

Google “Nest” is one of the best product , nowadays.It contains both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Nest offers great features with reasonable price in comparison to similar products on the market.

Nest Protect includes an electrochemical carbon monoxide detector and heat and humidity sensors to differentiate an actual emergency and false alarm , like steam from the bathroom.

Budget friendly , Roost batteries are most popular because not need to change the existing alarm . Roost’s battery can give any smoke detector the ability to send you remote alerts about potential fire situations.

Roost smart batteries doesn’t work with interconnected systems because it’s not a wireless product. But, Roost batteries will give an emergency alert to your phone thorough WiFi connection.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound smoke and carbon monoxide detector can connect Bluetooth speaker and Wi – Fi connected Alexa . Meanwhile, integrate with your smart home systems and Apple eco products .It is expensive than other products for it’s integrated smart system.

Let’s think about your smoke alarm system ? Before deciding any products research , plan for your budget , then decide.

Best choice of smoke Detector depends on your budget , wireless smart , wired smart , home smart connections,etc.

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