# 15 ways of wall covering ideas : how to decor your walls

Impact of wall designs changes the appearance of the entire room space visually.Walls plays an important role in your home which gives privacy, acoustically sound and safety for thermal conditions.

Wall coverings dramatically change the appearance of that room.Thus , plenty of options you can choose for your wall coverings in the market.Most obvious two methods are wallpaper and wall paint.

Before selecting the wall coverings for your walls ,check the wall condition.Damaged wall due to moisture has to be treated earlier is essential.

For example bathroom walls and exterior facing walls are mostly treated by damp resisting materials.

Some of the walls located in the highly traffic areas are treated with tough, durable wall covering materials that is easy to clean.

Here are some ways to decorate your walls by wall coverings…

Wall Paint

Painting is more economical method because it allows the changes easily than others.Several types are paints are available in the outlets like matte, glossy, satin, water paints , lacquer, enamel, oil base paints as per customers requirements.

Lots of painting techniques such as ragging, stenciling, sponging used in the wall painting to gives a electric look for your wall.


Wallpapers are ideal for bedrooms, entryways, living areas and dinning too.Wide range of wallpaper designs and patterns such as plain, prints, bold colors, stripes are in markets.

Use high quality wallpapers to avoid lumps and wrinkling when you paste in your wall.

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Several types of wallpapers are available for your design thrust.Like printed , washable,vinyl, foam vinyl, removable, flock wallpapers.

Moreover , Selection of your wallpaper color and patterns , suits your ceiling and flooring colors and patterns.

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Natural Fibers

Natural fiber material come with a paper or cloth backing to give them stability.Some of the natural fibers are coconut fiber, rush, raffia, cork, sisal,etc.In the materials , care should be taken for edging .



Wall fabrics have similar patterns like wallpapers but acoustically it helps to reduce the noise.Depending upon the fabric thickness, sound absorption varies in that room. Thick fabric material gives better sound absorption.

Wall tiles

Wall tiles are traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms because you can clean it easily.Use wide variety of wall tiles and backsplash tiles to create the perfect kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, shower or accent wall of your home.

Wall Murals

Wall-mural is a great way to decorate the living room,kids room and to create a huge transform atmosphere to a space.

It comes in various designs as well as materials. The room can be changed effectively by various scenes such as, gardens, mountains, nature, waterfalls, busy cities, etc.

3D Wall Decor

3D wallpaper gives the illusion for your accent wall with some added depth.It comes with various patterns, styles ,vibrant colors and eccentric designs.

You can choose those designs for your room psychology.These wallpapers are bold and attractive which gives a ultimate change to that space.

Brick Wall Panel

Natural bricks are long lasting material in everyone’s mind moreover , it is a best choice for modern and traditional interior designs.

You can make fake lightweight brick accent walls in your fireplace area, entryway area or in your kitchen space gives a unique look.

You can paint those accents walls with bold color combinations with your living room furnitures.Bricks stone panelling is better options for classic creative designers.

Acoustics Gypsum Panel

Gypsum acoustical 3D walls are durable, hassle free products to provide a memorable aesthetic experience with real depth.

Gypsum board is the cost effective material used by several centuries in different countries.In addition, it’s an excellent fire resisting material.

You can create a wall paneling with this material to create the space acoustically strong and modern too.These material gives flexibility, convenience, and finishing.

Metal Wall Art

Wide range of art work collections of your wall with metals like copper, brass, nickel, iron will create the beauty of your interior wall.Metal art works create a simple and modern decor element.Likewise ,it is changeable and cost effective.

3D Wall Panel

3D Faux Leather is the perfect material choice for hallways, headboard or accent wall to give a luxurious appearance.

You can use these panels for your entertainment areas and home theaters for acoustics as well as stylish interior designs.You can decorate your room with Faux leather by creating an unique accent wall by this material.

And also you can use this sound absorbing material in your music rooms.Easy to install by glues which makes as people’s choice in today’s trend.

Stone Wall Panel

Natural stone veneer gives plenty of options for contemporary designers. It gives a natural feel with a modern look.You can use these natural stone wall panels in:

  • Exterior Home Siding
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplash
  • Interior Accent walls
  • Bathroom shower surrounds
  • Countertop knee walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens, Barbecues and Fire Pits
  • Wood Burning and Pellet Stoves
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys

Wood wall Panel

Wooden wall coverings and evenly spaced wall scone lighting gives a contemporary look

Contemporary house owners mostly prefer these types of wall coverings for their walls.Custom made wood panels are also available besides , more choices according to your budget and what you aiming for.

You can get it for a good price in late fall and early winter.Pine wood paneling is a popular choice because it will dry with a moisture content of around 10-12%.

You can finish with a suitable coating which absorbs and releases the moisture in the wood.


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Tapestry create the focal point for a room to emphasis a space.It was used in the 11th century as a rich decorative element for the walls, behind the thrones,etc.

Woven black and white tapestry emphasize that bedroom wall

These are woven decorative fabric by hand,machine, or even embroidered which is used to cover furniture, walls and floors.

If you are living in the apartment , don’t want to make lots of holes in your walls, add some hanging lights to bright up the hanging tapestry.

Mandala Tapestry is more popular and some people believed that this can reduce some stress.