#17 ways to make your home more sustainable:Go green Tips

Reduce , Reuse , Recycle are the three simple Mantras or words for sustainability.

Preserving food , mending , growing own vegetables in your garden are leads to naturally green thrifty lifestyle.Recycling is one of the best way of our planet be green always.

Natural cleaning ingredients such as lemon juice,vinegar and baking soda are also leads the “Go green”.

  • Buy better quality products to reduce the consumption of more products is one of the way to reduce waste.
  • Swap your all CFL s bulbs for LED s , LEDs are more efficient energy saver and no harmful gases.
  • Always try to buy products for your actual requirements.Don’t buy for your wishlist.
  • Avoid disposal products such as paper napkins,cups,plates,etc.
  • Avoid plastic materials because these materials are not biodegradable.
  • Choose glass containers rather than plastic containers.
  • Create a toy rotation library that may be good idea for consuming more plastics everyone.Care should be taken before use the rotating kids toys.
  • You can buy rechargeable batteries rather than disposable batteries.
  • You can use water cans instead of using disposable water bottles to reduce plastic wastage.
  • In hot climates, they raised their ceiling height of the building for air circulation. Designing larger windows and solar shielding depending upon the climate helps to go green.
  • you can save 10% of energy by unplug all the electronics , appliances , etc.
  • You can use energy consuming HAVC system to reduce the energy usage.
  • You can change your laundry setting for cold water ,it gives lifetime for your clothes and save 90% energy instead of using hot water.
  • Smart home , formally activities done by humans like turning out light in vacant rooms , unplug the unused machines , appliances or electronic gadgets , etc.
  • Use cloth bags , paper bags , canvas bags instead of using plastic bags.
  • If You use a drying rack or clothesline to dry your outfits when they are finished being washed , it will reduce your bills.
  • You can buy used products whenever possible from Craigslist, eBay , local thrift stores , garage sale,etc.