#How to remove mold in your bathroom| Bathroom cleaning #tips

If you have mold in your bathroom area ,you have to remove it immediately because it creates health risk. It can affect your immune system , sometimes give headaches , cough and sneezing too.

Mold removing products

Lots of mold removing products available in the markets.You can use,

  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Ammonia
  • Baking soda
  • Tea tree oil

Depending upon the material like porous or non – porous material , mold type , you can select and use the bathroom mold removing products.

Distilled Vinegar and Hydrogen peroxide will work effectively with porous materials. The chlorine in the bleach doesn’t penetrate into drywall or wood area.

As a result, bleach can works well with non-porous materials like shower ,sink and bathtub area.

How to kill the mold in your bathroom

Before cleaning the bathroom molds wear some protective gears like rubber gloves. You can take some cleaning items such as scrubbers , spray bottles and sponges and also mold removing products.

At First , wash/spray the surface area with a cleaning solution such as vinegar or mild detergent or with some warm water. Leave that surface area to dry for 10 – 15 minutes.

Now ,you can add mold killer like bleach to remove the surface mold. Bleach will not help to remove the deep mold which penetrates inside. Then, Scrub your drywall mold area until it disappears.

Leave that bathroom surface area for to dry 24 hours and then smooth the surface area , for repaint work.

You can remove the mold in your bathtub area by using baking soda and liquid detergent mix . Then, you will get a fresh sparkling bathroom as like a newer one.

If you have mold in the tiles or grout area instead of using chlorine beach use hydrogen peroxide in the nonporous materials. Add some vinegar together to make the solution stronger.

You can apply grout sealer also to reduce grout mold growth.

At last, Your hygienic mold free bathroom ready!!

How to reduce bathroom mold growth

Main reason for the mold growth is due to more humidity in the bathroom.Hence, reduce the wet surfaces and puddles of water in your bathroom.

Mold can be formed due to hot shower humid . Avoid using too much hot shower and you can use fan or bathroom vent fan to dry the bathroom area quickly.

Reducing humidity in your bathrooms , Regular bathroom cleaning and always dry your wet surfaces quickly which helps to prevent from molds in your bathroom areas.These, three ways helps to get a hygienic bathroom in your house.

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