#How to prevent your home from winterizing |# Top Checklist

Depending on the region of your home , you ‘ll need to protect your home from freezing conditions.There are several things you want to do to make sure your home is properly winterized.

Here some tips to prevent your home from winterizing. Decopicks Checkist will help for your winter preparation.

Insulate pipes

Make sure all the pipes near doors and windows are properly insulated.And also check your outdoor garden hoses are properly disconnected .Especifically bursting pipes , frozen pipes can lead to major issues.Your home’s water pipes to freeze, the outside temperature needs to be below 20 degrees, for a total of at least six consecutive hours.

Insulate pipes with insulation sleeves, wrapping or using slip-on foam pipe insulation.Plastic piping is more tolerant of freezing than old copper or steel water pipes.you are not already using water leak alarms and automatic leak shutoff devices, this is a good time to install them.

Trim your tree branches

Tree pruning

Before the winter of year shows up trim any dead branches excessively near your home.Everyone knows branches weighed down by snow and ice are prone to breakage .Also it creates hassle for homeowners and potentially damaging their home.Winter pruning helps to defend against disease of your trees too.

Heating System

Check your heating system inspected by an HVAC professional annually.Verify , if anything has been set near or on the furnace during warmer months . Clear the space around your furnace.Change the battery backup in the thermostat so you know it’ll run all winter.

Test your thermostat and heat once before winter arrives .Programmable thermostat helps to save money on your heating and cooling bills by simply resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home.

Mostly, leaks are common around windows, doors, pipes, electrical outlets and pull-down attic stairs. Usally, , it can be sealed by weather stripping or caulking.Check those areas to prevent your home from winterizing.

Get ready for Power outages

Make sure that your flashlights are in working conditions , purchase replacement or supplemental ones if necessary . Without electricity and internet connection we can’t imagine nowadays the daily life routines.Sometimes, the winter storm can bring power outages.It can be solved by good power generator in your home. Stock up your survival kit for winter power outage.

Protect your AC Unit

Outdoor cooling units are built to cope with these harsh winter weather conditions, So don’t get a waterproof cover for your unit.To protect your fallen icicles, debris you can keep a piece of plywood and weighing it down with bricks or rocks to keep in place. Plant shrubs around the unit can protect from wind and blowing snow.

Clean Out Gutters in your home

Before and After Gutters cleaning

At the end of the season, ice and snow will melt .Make sure the melted water cannot stuck due to clogged gutters. Cleaning the gutters need a couple of hours and it’s not as simple work.Clean gutters and roof drains to prevent clogs in winter.

If winter chills your roof , gutters and ladder steps icy. Care should be taken while cleaning the gutters otherwise outsource this job to professionals.

Be Prepare to clean Snow

Ensure you have the right working equipment for removing the snow from your walkways and driveways.When sidewalks become icy and hazardous, property owners are often encouraged to use salt to melt ice and reduce slipperiness. Be prepare a good working condition shovel or snowblower to remove the snow.

Remove your Patio furniture

Remove the Patio furniture before winter arrives

If you have metal patio furniture it will rust. And also wooden furnitures will damage due to snow.Hence, store your patio furniture before the snow fall .

Smoke alarm Batteries

Make sure your home smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are checked before the Winter.Check your batteries are in working condition .Change the batteries of these devices twice a year – when you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

Changing your home for winter can be a great deal of work. Regardless of whether it’s moving your outside furniture into the home or repair and cleaning works experts are there to help with all the hard work you require while winterizing your home.We hope that all these checklists will help to prevent your home from winterizing.

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