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Pandemics have long been associated with home construction changes and upgrades. COVID-19 pandemic reinforces and digitally transforms the home.

Now, people reformulates their home interior spaces into an office, gym, playroom and more because people want spaces that serve multiple functions throughout the day, like working, exercising, watching TV, and attending school virtually.

“What are the new things homeowners asking for?” This is the big question among builders, engineers, realtors and architects. They are gradually changing the floor design plans and their home interior design which leads the way to the future.

Several survey reports and threads state that the topmost priority among people is health. As a result, top hot selling home products like touchless faucets, humidity control, air filtration, VOC free paints are most popular among these days.

Mudroom Space

Particularly, mud rooms are more noticeable during this pandemic time. Washer and dryer became more important to clean all the dirty clothes for their health concerns.

In particular, sink space are more commonly used to wash their face and hands, clean their mask, wash their dog, organize their shoes. Even the dirty clothes basket space are became more and more important place in the homes. So, mudroom space allocation and design are challenging in some houses during pandemic.

Germs free bathroom space

In this pandemic, house owners want to keep visitor’s germs out of their house similar to what happened during the Spanish flu pandemics. Back then, the half bath became more popular in the years.

Simplicity and practicality became more popular in designing homes after the Great Depression. Likewise in COVID -19 Pandemic, powder rooms or main level guest bathrooms are the most common design pattern today. Moreover, some homeowners like to have an en-suite bath in their bedroom, which makes them easy to isolate their sick family members and privacy too.

Dinning and #kitchen space

Reports says the products storatages in COVID-19 , tend people to have large pantries to store the food products.They like to have more built in storages than usual.

Moreover, they like to remodel their space for zoom meeting and also as multiple activity room. The formal dining room is a good space to convert to a den or closed office.

Home offices and study area were the most demanding space in houses during this pandemic time .Because most of them working and schooling at home and needing their quiet space.

Hands free Smart systems

Smart homes are now adapting to suppress the germs spread with touch free technologies.

Everyone like to relax from germs in this Pandemic. As a result, they adopted Smart voice controlled system, automatic lightning systems, smart thermostats , hands free sink and toilets for their home .

Create your space with colors

COVID-19 introduced new decorative designs and themes for houses. Report says people like to build a peaceful room at home, opting for calm colors in their home.

Bright color theme in wall or furnishings can also be energizing and inspire creativity, which helps people who are stuck in the same routine during pandemic.

Break the room by partitions

Breaking up the room with rugs and furniture by adding partitions makes the multi functional interior space.

To break the big open spaces, folding doors, and barn doors are more popular for easy access. Especially, those ideas helps to change the space into offices, guest room, study room or library too.

Inaddition, most of them need some place to work and place for their kids to do their classwork in the pandemic virtual learning.

Benches and chairs under stairwell windows gives one more suitable location for your kids for silent book reading.

Design your rooms with multiple purposes in mind and also collect some furniture and decorative pieces which serve multifunctional activities. Adding more exercise spaces are extended in larger homes.

As a result of this pandemic, creative temporary solutions made by builders and interiors make homes more practical. Taking note of all requirements, it become more aware of good design and concepts which improves our health, happiness, and productivity.

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