#How to elevate a small space with mirrors |Small space ideas

Mirror is one of the best decorative element to elevate a small space interior design. In many perspectives it supports to decorate the room . Particularly , it reflects the natural light or accent lights, emphasize the space , creates illusion of more area etc.

Moreover , it reflects some attractive and unattractive things placed in front of the mirror. Wherever the mirror placed , always keep in mind about what type of things placed before that. Hence , you can place a large painting , ornamental items , sculptures , focal furniture , wall mural , wall tiles , etc .

Create a focal point with Mirrors

In some cases , people place the mirror in front of the window opening to reflect the light which creates a illusion of brighter large space. You can create a focal point around that area. The room will feel much more inviting and offer a more comfortable place . Arranging furniture around that focal point for active energy spend area .

Invite your #entryway by chic mirrors

First impressions are more powerful and enduring. While placing the mirror in the entryway ,it reflects and disperse the natural lights , accents lights to create a bright space around it .You can place chic mirror for check your outfit or hair before leaving your house.

Create illusion by tall #mirrors

If your house have a rectangular small space , you can place the huge tall mirror in the wall . It definitely seems to be a larger space than before.

Saving energy source by glass room dividers

Glass room dividers is a contemporary solution for small space designers.It divides any rooms into a space saving, stackable room .Natural light transform from one room to another room helps for saving energy source.

Some designers placed glass room dividers between living and kitchen area if they don’t want open living space.

According to feng shui experts mirrors have many unique abilities. It reflects the incoming energy and multiples more . Likewise , it disperse the light energy into large surrounding area . In feng shui , placing the mirror infront of the door opening above 4 feet tall reduce the bad vibes.

Endless space in small bathrooms

For small bathrooms , position the mirror across some artwork , tiles creates a pleasant appearance in small space .Two mirrors placing opposite to each other will create the illusion of endless space.