How to select colors for your interiors

Color plays a vital role in everyone’s day to day life. We can say people surrounded by colors in their style and tastes, like choices of colors in clothes, food, furnishings, furniture, wall paints, vehicles, etc.

White,blue,sand and green color combinations for your interior decor coloring idea from nature.

Nature and art are the most important sources for colors in interior decoration.Color makes the room calm,exciting,cozy,warm,etc.

By placing the colors within the required perimeters able to control the visual balance. Color has the ability to control and enhance and improve people’s environment.

Pay attention on colors when choosing wall paints furnishings and furniture.The aim of interior decoration is to enhance the natural and artificial lights and create a sense of unity and spaciousness.

You can use bright colors economically by selecting and changing such colors in cushions,throws,rugs,upholstery, accent wall coloring.

Use natural shades of red like earth or teracotta colors to decorate the welcoming entry spaces.

Don’t select more than three colors in a room .Always keep the sense of unity,balance and harmony in a place /room.

Living room is a place where people spend most of the time at home ,where they receive visitors,entertaining and spend their time with their family members.It means the place need to be pleasant and welcoming for others.

Light colors are advisable and it makes feel more spacious .Accent wall coloring ,large colored art creates a focal point for that room and makes opulent.

Bedroom , private area in your home which must be calm,relaxing ,etc.Color of that room depends upon who sleeps or takes rest in that room,energy of that person using in his/her personal space.Bed linen color has to balance and makes harmony with bedroom wall color.

Warm colors are appeared closer than they actually are ,like the glorious sunshine and sunset.Cool colors appears farther away from the actual,like scattered blue light in the sky.

Don’t overload a bedroom with exaggerated colors.Combine color balance with other elements.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the place where cleanliness and freshness plays an important role for everyone.Yellow and green color cabinets makes the kitchen as fresh and cheerful.Red and orange colors used in the kitchen spaces ,stimulate the appetite.

Try to fix your ceiling color as white which makes feel ceiling higher.Always try to choose lighter shades for ceiling than the wall colors.

White and blue colors are most popular for bathrooms.To convey the freshness and cleanliness .Avoid blue in the cooking and eating spaces because it suppresses appetite.Use can use blue color with warm colors in those areas.

Blue color is a masculine color and it is strongly accepted among males .Hence, blue and its shades commonly used in boy’s bedroom.It represents knowledge,power ,etc.

Purple is always associated with royalty and luxury.Light purple color shades are used in teen girl’s and adult bedroom.It evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings.

You can choose turquoise color which conveys freshness and seneric. When the color combines with natural materials makes a pleasant feel.

Don’t use the same color like neutral for all the rooms,it creates boring.Pops of color in the neutral spaces makes the room cheerful and elegant.