Influence of ceiling height

Image:Milwaukee public library

Ceiling height has a big influence on minds of people.They feel different experiences with higher and lower ceilings.

Our modern way of looking at architecture in life to design most efficiently for human health and happiness, called Neuro architecture. 

It’s the study of how the body and brain respond to the built environment. This design style is applied to hospitals, schools and the workplace but the same principles can also be applied to your home to create some bright and positive environments.

The paper “The Influence of Ceiling Height: The Effect of Priming on the Type of Processing People Use,” published in the August issue of the Journal of Consumer Research.Priming means a concept gets activated in a person’s head.
They tend to think more freely as well as abstractly when people have more than 10 foot ceiling .Study shows that,there will be a connection between our minds and our habits.

Low ceiling living room with light fixtures create an intimacy.

Lower ceiling heights create an intimacy,so people like to relax in those spaces.Moreover,higher ceilings create a formal feel. Low ceilings definitely have value for certain types of thinking, such as detail-oriented processes. If the ceiling height is about 10 feet to 12 feet, they considered as for social gathering places and people were activated their freedom mind.And, the houses are in 10 feet height looks more elegant.

Actually, sound waves bouncing off the lower ceilings makes the speaker in that room seem closer and more intimate.The conversations among the persons are less formal.

Crown moulding,false ceiling with different materials draw attention to the room and makes the room different feel than plain ceiling.

The shape of the ceiling is also great way to make interest to a room. For example,Cathedral ceiling takes its inspiration from ornate houses of worship.

Ceilings with murals,beam work mouldings will give grandeur to the building.Trim around the edges of the ceiling and light fixtures gives a sense of depth and makes visual treat to their eyes.

In retail spaces can pay careful attention to those with one eye on the ceiling and other on bottom design. Hence,ceiling height must be appropriate for planned spaces.