Bedroom decor ideas

Our bedrooms exerts a decisive influence over the realization of our dreams.We don’t know whether dreams are possible or impossible.

Sleep is a golden chain it joints our body and  mind.So everything is taking into consideration while designing a bedroom , which is the place to improve our quality  of sleep as well as quality of life.

Beauty and harmony can vary for different cultural people .According to that in early days our designs depicts,but nowadays needs araising from newlifestyles.In short,the bedroom interior designs increasing sensual and gobal,yet individualistic.

Japanese culture has a huge respect for nature. The best way to maintain a strong connection with the natural world is then bringing nature indoors.

Image:furniture teams

Japanese homes also bring nature inside through large, expansive windows that allow a view of nature from every angle.

 Nowadays, the design gives vital role to their personal needs and the expression of their personality than fashion.

List your bedroom furnishings whatever you want in your bedroom and decide your storage places to arrange your belongings.Always keep shoping furniture and furnishings  upto the proper scale of your room .

Natural and artificial lights plays an important role in your bedroom.You need lights in your reading place either in your bed or in any sitting areas.

Fix ,task light in your dressing table and accent lights in your bookshelves,closets,etc.Choose colors that are appealing to you and evoke the mood you want to experience.

Arrangements of furniture in a bedroom can also make us feel protected. The bed should be located infront of the door because we can if someone is lying there.We can place more mirrors in the bedroom.We can get sunlight benefits by placing more mirrors that bouncing back the natural light inside the bedroom areas.But, we have to be aware while placing the mirrors to avoid the glare of sunlight.

Select your furnitures like bed ,side tables, sofa sets, coffee tables,bookshelves,nightstands should be proportionate and proper to scale for your bedroom size.