Furniture Layout and Planning

Once you have decided to decorate your house,first your attention falls on furniture layout,Is it right? Yep, I did the same as you guys.

Everyone well known that furniture layout comes under space planning.Space planning is the most important aspect in interior design.Furniture placement is challenging because it has to solve our functional and visual criteria.

First ,we have to evaluate the functional criteria by how well that layout supports the human activities in that space.Arrangements of furniture supports the activities such as conversation,movement or rest in that space.

Before planning this living room we have to get knowledge that how people form inthat room one or more groups.Some person used that space for entertaining,some used as comfortable conversation area and used as quite reading area.So, before designing survey  about usage of people is essential in residential projects.

Particularly, placement of furnitures in the living room is a complex decision making place beacuse it has a strong impact that how the room is to be used.

 “What is accessible and functional furniture planning? ” it will arise in everyone mind.
     It means that while placing a bed it needs the movement space  atleast  3feet  around it makes the furniture accesible and functional.

Image:Clare Elise Interiors

If an closet and bookshelves is placed infront of bed ,it need some space infront of them.While placing the dinning table,we need a space around their entire perimeter.

While planning for the furniture layout ,circulation and conversation areas are the major criteria.In the conversation place,the furniture should be arranged such as comfortable eye contact with one another and a normal speech volume receives each other in that place.

According to the designers point of view,a normal tone of voice receives one another four to eight feet apart within the conversation space.

An effective furniture layout must support circulation through the room and access to all of the furniture.
  “What is Visual criteria?” – I think everyone will follow this rules in their home.
    It is a perception of visual composition such as visual balance, alignment and a focal point or point of emphasis.

Generally, interior designers desirable to set a focal point where that the eye can rest without suffering competing demands for visual attention.

Most of the residential interiors,set the focal point as a fireplaces,large art-frames, a larger window or an entertainment center.