Carpets and Rugs

Carpeting remains more popular because of its softness,warmth and acoustical property/sound proofing. Rugs help add function and style to your home and as one of the design element for the houses.When choosing the carpets for your home always consider durability, ability to hide little things(spills) .A good choice of carpet color is important where kids and pets are there.

Most of the carpets used in the houses are synthetic component because of their reduced cost ,wear & tear resistance.It also helps for strain resistance .

Rugs can used as more versatile.You can change the rugs for seasonal basis and also take changing the room interior.

Some of the Eco-friendly materials and artificial materials from petrochemical industries are used in carpet manufacturing.

Wool is a great thermal and sound insulator.It is recyclable and renewable. Maintenance has to be taken more.It is a Eco-friendly material.

Cotton is not a good insulator like wool.It can be used in the heavy traffic areas for good maintenance. Using cotton material, rugs are mostly manufactured than carpets .

While planning for carpets most of the people’s mind ask the same question like “which carpet fiber is more durable?”

Polyester,nylon,polypropylene are the common synthetic fibers used in the carpet and rugs manufacture.These petrochemical products are produced more from industries because of its durability, easy to clean and maintain.

Image:Ali baba

Nylon carpets fibers are most versatile which provides durability, flexibility and helps to create variety of carpet styles .

Due to its resistance to fading, molding, heat and stains when treated, nylon is among  the easiest to clean. It’s highly recyclable as well. It is well suited for all traffic areas.

Polypropylene (olefin)will not conceal stains because of non absorption material fiber . Olefin is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew.Mostly polypropylene is “solution dyed “material.Because of it’s long lasting colored fiber these carpets are not fade.

Hence,these carpets used in heavy, traffic areas naturaldaylight conditions like kitchens,playrooms,basements,outdoors,etc.

Polyester carpets are less expensive than wool and nylon .Polyester is exceptionally good in colors and it’s softness.It is best suited in low traffic areas. These carpets and rugs are mostly popular because of its color and style.

If it’s the living room, find the perfect texture ,colored and designed area rugs which makes your hangout space more inviting.Rugs helps to conceal carpet damage,such as strains,small holes.

Carpet is basically like a flooring surface with less patterned.Layering rugs on your carpets allows you to add your personal style in different areas.