Georgian Architecture

Georgian architecture is one among the long lived style of American buildings in 18th century. Georgian buildings usually have a square symmetrical shape and are proportioned according to fashionable Classical design principles.

Some of the architects,carpenters and builders are inspired by it’s fashionable doorways,cornices,windows and mantels.Popular architects like James Gibbs, Inigo Jones,Christopher wren adopted this architecture because of its beauty and symmetry of renaissance.The front door found at the center of the building and it is surrounded by symmetrical windows are the main features of these architecture.

Identifying Features of Georgian Architecture

  • Elaborate decorative crown
  • Paneled front door
  • Cornice usually emphasized by decorative moldings
  • multiple pane windows
  • double-hung sashes
  • two room deep
  • transom lights
  • usually five ranked on front facade

Georgian houses are usually a one story or two story box with symmetrical doors and windows.This architecture can be distinguished with five sub types.

Gambrel roof

This houses are found 25% in surviving Georgian houses.This shape of the houses are adopted because of its more attic space for storage and sleeping.

Side Gabled Roof

40% of the Georgian houses in this type are found surviving .These houses are found common in Northern,southern ,middle colonies.

Hipped Roof

Charles city,Virginia,1734, Westover.

25% of surviving Georgian houses have hipped roof.These houses are most common in southern colonies.It is adopted because of it’s high -style landmark.

Centered Gable roof

Annapolis,Maryland,1774,Hammond House.

10% of the surviving Georgian houses have centered gable roof.These type of houses commonly adopted for it’s high style .

Town House

Narrow front facades town houses are found in Georgian architecture.These houses we can find in Philadelphia,Boston and Virginia.