#How to Remove the wallpaper Easily?|#Home Remodeling Ideas

Removing wallpaper is very challenging, time-consuming, and expensive in some criteria . In some cases, you can steam it off the wall with the right tool, but in other cases, it may need to be scraped off by hand.

Besides, it can take several hours to days to complete an entire room . Wallpaper on walls are better choice for those who do not like much change.

Nowadays days , People use variety of techniques and tools for removing the wallpaper.If you used a right tool and knowledge about wallpaper type , your work will be easy .

There’s no shortcut for removing the wallpaper. It’s a messy and time-consuming job, but with the right tools, anyone can do it.

There are a variety of techniques, and some will work better than others for your particular wall and wallpaper.

Most of the older homes have plaster walls , nailing and scratching on the walls will not give a huge damage to the wall structure. Furthermore , scratching the dry walls should be careful because it would create damages on the facing side of wall.

Easily Removable wallpapers

Some kind of wallpapers are easily removable and you can start from the bottom of the wall. When you cut with small knife or putty knife , the corner of the wallpaper will come easily.For these type wallpaper , removing job is quite simple and easy.

Remove with spray water

Spray the water or wallpaper removing liquids on the Surface of the wall for several minutes to remove the wallpaper .WP Chomp wallpaper stripper works on all type of wallpaper materials such as vinyl, strippable, grass, removeable etc.

After the paper soaked , you can use scratch tools to remove easily.Then just remove the facing, reapply, and remove the backing .Finally , peeling off whatever leftovers stick to the wall with scraper tool.

Remove with steam

When you work with stream , someone’s help need to remove the wallpaper.When the stream passed , it penetrate inside and soften the glue.Here,both the actions takes place parallel to complete the job.Eventually , scratching the wall made job easy.

These methods will be helpful for removing the wallpaper in your living room or other rooms efficiently and quickly.